Design MAGE oligos for your mutagenesis experiments.

Support local Do-It-Yourself Biology and Biohacking! 
Our lab has been supporting Genspace ( and Biotech Without Borders ( to grow the DIY Synthetic Biology community in New York City. 
Please contact us if you are interested in being involved. 

Columbia iGEM (
We organize a Columbia University undergraduate team each summer to participate in the International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM)  competition (
Please contact us if you are interested in participating or supporting us.

Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Course in synthetic Biology. We are involved in organizing the CSHL SynBio Course. Please contact us if you are interested in as a student, mentor or volunteer.

Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center (SynBERC). We are an affiliated lab of the NSF-funded Synthetic Biology ERC
and a member of the newly formed Engineering Biology Research Consortium (EBRC) 

Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology. We are a part of the Engineering Biology Center to participate in the Genome Project (GP)-Write and the Human Genome Project (HGP)-Write.